Combined ANCOLD/NZSOLD Conference 2016: Event Report

Combined ANCOLD/NZSOLD Conference 2016: Event Report

Every three years ANCOLD and NZSOLD take turns at hosting a combined conference. This year it was the turn of ANCOLD, with the event held in Adelaide in October. The theme of this years event was “Dams: A Lasting Legacy”.

The event was very well attended with a technical workshop on Monday 17th before the symposium on the Tuesday and Wednesday. Trevor Matushhka presented a paper at the workshop on behalf of NZSOLD: Overview of NZSOLD Seismic Guidelines issued in 2015.

An estimated 270 delegates attended the conference, exceeding expectations with 27 from New Zealand. As always the event was an excellent platform for trading experience, generating ideas and of course catching up socially.

The symposium consisted of a range of excellent informative presentations encompassing many of the issues associated with the ownership, management and rehabilitation of existing dams. Of particular note around 1/3rd of the presentations, and amongst the most enjoyable, were by members of the young professional group from both sides of the Tasman. Presentations by NZSOLD members included:

Seismic assessment and life extension for the Mahinerangi Dam, Jako Abrie, TrustPower

Lies, dam lies and statistics: the compilation and analysis of a New Zealand Inventory of Dams, Kaley Crawford-Flett, University of Canterbury Quake Centre

Seismic Strengthening Design for Pre-stressed Concrete Penstocks, Mohammed Okhovat, Damwatch Engineering

TrustPower’s Approach to Risk Management on a Portfolio Basis, Thomas Fritz and Peter Lilley, TrustPower

Plus a presentation by Dam Forster on the Young Professionals group – see details below.

Prior to the Workshop a pre-conference tour was available that took delegates to visit a range of dams. Major dam safety upgrades featured on three of the four dams visited, all with very large budgets – enough to build a new large irrigation scheme in NZ!