Event Report: ICOLD 26th Congress and 86th Annual Meeting

We had 7 NZSOLD members at the ICOLD conference with representation on 5 of the ICOLD Technical Committees. Reports from the Technical Committee Members are provided under ICOLD News.

The Vienna congress started with 2 days for the Technical Committees to meet and make some progress on their various projects / bulletins. This was followed by a day for the ICOLD Congress where all member countries meet together in the General Assembly, and there are separate meetings of the regional clubs (NZ being part of the Asia-Pacific club). Rebecca represented NZSOLD at these meetings with some moral support from Peter Mulvihill and Peter Lilley.





ICOLD presented Innovation Awards for the first time. One of the winners was a concept being researched in Austria for an underground pumped storage hydro scheme that also stores heat energy as shown in the following slide:







The congress was followed by a 2 day conference run by the Austrian Committee on Large Dams with four main themes:

Q100: Reservoir Sedimentation and Sustainable Development

Q101: Safety and Risk Analysis

Q102: Geology and Dams

Q103: Small Dams and Levees

There were many interesting papers presented.

One of the technical tours was to the Danube Freudenau hydro plant across the Danube river on the outskirts of Vienna.  This is one of a series of 8 stations on the Austrian stretch of this river. All have locks to enable the cruise ships to pass by.