About Us

The Society

The New Zealand Society on Large Dams (NZSOLD) was founded to advance the technology of dam engineering and support socially and environmentally responsible development and management of water resources. NZSOLD is actively involved with technical, environmental, social, economic, regulatory, and administrative aspects of dams and their safety and promotes cooperation between stakeholders with an interest in dams. This includes technical, regulatory and owner representatives as well as the general public. NZSOLD develops and provides information to members and represents the industry at government level. It actively reviews and shares information on an international stage to best represent dam practise in New Zealand. NZSOLD represents New Zealand at the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD).


The fundamental dam safety objective as presented in the NZSOLD Dam Safety Guidelines states;

People, property and the environment, present and future, should be protected from the harmful effects of a dam failure or an uncontrolled release of the reservoir contents.

In assisting the dam industry in New Zealand to meet this objective NZSOLD seeks to;

  • promote best practice in the development, operation, maintenance and refurbishment of dams and their associated impoundments throughout New Zealand;
  • integrate best practice into the regulatory process associated with the dam and impoundment management industry in New Zealand;
  • be recognized as a credible and respected professional body, and the national focus for all matters relating to dams and their associated impoundments in New Zealand;
  • provide a forum that brings industry representatives and associated stakeholders together for the benefit of all.