NZSOLD promotes cooperation between stakeholders with an interest in dams. This includes technical, regulatory and owner representative as well as the general public. It develops and provides information to members and represents the industry at government level. It actively reviews and shares information on an international stage to best represent dam practice in New Zealand.

Why become an NZSOLD Member?

Members of NZSOLD:

  • Receive regular newsletters keeping them up to date with activity in the industry, training opportunities, new publications etc
  • Can participate in regular specialist symposia and workshops organised by NZSOLD for its members
  • Can join the NZSOLD Young Professionals Group for fun events and opportunities to learn with your peers
  • Receive priority access to the NZSOLD Dam Safety Guidelines, including any revisions or additional practice material
  • Enjoy the ability to access the wealth of technical information available through ICOLD. (An important activity of ICOLD is the development and publication of technical bulletins that provide international best practice which member countries can apply to their own situations.)
  • Can submit papers for ICOLD meetings and congress through NZSOLD with initial peer review of the paper provided by NZSOLD.

Price list

  Corporate Nominee Quantity Subscription Amount (inc GST) Subscription Amount Overseas
Member 0 $86.25 $75.00
Young Professional Member 0 $0.00 $0.00
Life Member 0 $0.00 $0.00
Retired Member 0 $0.00 $0.00
Corporate Large 4 $5,566.00 $4,840.00
Corporate Medium 3 $2,783.00 $2,420.00
Corporate Small 2 $1,113.20 $968.00