Involvement in ICOLD


NZSOLD represents New Zealand at the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) which has a membership of nearly 100 countries. Members of NZSOLD enjoy the ability to access the wealth of technical information available through ICOLD.

Within ICOLD, New Zealand, is also a member of the Asia Pacific Group (APG). ICOLD has four regional “clubs” being Asia Pacific, Americas, African and European Clubs. ICOLD holds annual meetings which are expanded to a congress every 3 years.


The main purpose of ICOLD is to advance the knowledge and performance of dams, both existing and proposed. A major aspect of this is the formation and support of a range of technical committees. These committees bring together expertise from around the world.

An important output from these committees is the development and publication of technical bulletins that provide international best practice available for member countries. Members of NZSOLD in turn enjoy the ability to access this wealth of technical information.

New Zealand is currently actively represented on four technical committees being;

  • Environment (Committee G),
  • Public Safety around Dams (Committee I).
  • Public Awareness and Education (Committee N, and current Chair)
  • Seismic Aspects of Dam Design (Committee B).
  • Levees (LE)

Visit ICOLDs web site for more information