NZSOLD Young Professional Group Summit

Friday 5th June 2020, 3.00pm

The NZSOLD Young Professional Group (YPG) is hosting a Summit from 3-5pm on Friday 5 June. This online event will be a less formal opportunity for students and young professionals to present. We also welcome more senior dams professionals to come along. The theme is “recent dam and levee incidents and failures”, with the aim of exploring these events so the NZ industry can learn from them.

We have seven presenters lined up, who have been working closely with industry experts. The presentations include high-profile NZ incidents and failures, such as Matahina Dam (1967 and 1987) and stopbank breach in the Edgecumbe 2017 flood, as well as exploring several lesser known NZ dam and stopbank incidents and failures. Two high-profile international failures, Feijao Dam in Brazil and Toddbrook Reservoir in England, will be examined with a focus on what we can learn from these for NZ practice.

If you’re under 40 and interested in the dam industry, please consider signing up to the NZSOLD YPG. Membership is free and sign up is easy: